Queen of the Night

This past Friday, September 4th, I attended a showing of, Queen of the Night, at The Paramount Hotel.

By my side was Michael J. Daniels, a Luxury Real Estate Sales Person from UpNEXT. Neither of us new exactly what to expect although we knew that we had to dress ‘the part’. Mike looked the part of a 1920′s wall street millionaire while I chose the path of an early 20th century socialite who just returned from a South African safari with Ernest Hemingway, himself.

The line to enter grew long, circling around the building long before the show’s 7:30pm start time.

We entered.

An array of cast members lined the staircase to greet attendees. Each person was given an amazingly crafted cocktail and was instructed to wait in an orderly fashion. Wait for what? None of us knew.

Out of hidden doorways, the seductive cast came out to separate people from their groups. With a soft touch and devilish stare, when an actor grabbed your hand and told you to come hither, you willingly listened.

A woman by the name of Tulie took me. In a dark room, she used a lint brush on my outfit and then made me take a delicious mystery shot.

I was then released into a beautiful atrium where all the attendees were attempting to find their misplaced parties.  In the middle of the space was the beautiful Queen of the Night who stood glamorously on stage.

At last, I had been reunited with Mike Daniels. It was not long before him and I were both taken together by one of the actors. I admit, I had been talking up Mike as being a Bruce Lee/Chuck Norris hybrid, but nothing could have prepared me for what would come of such talk.

The actor had strapped Mike into a large spinning ball of torcher. “You can scream ‘stop’ if you want, but please don’t”, the actor belted. And then Mike was spun, faster and faster, so fast that you could not tell that there was a man inside. After 10 seconds they had stopped. Mike screamed out, “Stop!” with a blue face and rolling eyes.

I apologize, friend.

Entering back into the atrium, the actors, servers, and acrobats were busy putting together the dining area. Within the matter of minutes, the open space became a glorious dining room. Incredible.

A performance on the center stage was followed by a feast of lamb, chicken, and salmon. The food was simply out of this world.

After dinner, the performance continued.

The dancing and the skill of all the actors were beyond anything I have ever witnessed. Petite women raised grown men on their shoulders and acrobats contorted their bodies in a way that boggles the mind. The story went from intense, to hot, to very hot, back to intense, and then to calm.

The show evoked feelings that I would have never thought a visual performance could ever do.

The interaction with cast members, the performance, the food, the drinks, everything the top point of utter perfection.

I will certainly be back.

Westchester Magazine’s Beer and Burger Bash

On Thursday, June 6th Westchester Magazine hosted a Burger and Beer Bash event as part of their Wine and Food Weekend (June 6-9).

Despite the gloomy day, hundreds of Westchester residents came out to Kensico Dam Plaza, Valhalla, NY to enjoy the ‘best bites’.  The dam turned block-party became an all out food frenzy: burgers, chips, beer, wine, cupcakes, and pizza!  My cameraman and I started left to right, trying out every burger slider from all the vendors. Let me tell you, after 10 bites with 25 more to be had… it becomes a stressful situation.   I had no idea how I would get through it all!  But I did, I took it for the team, because I love my readers.

The big question, “Deb, who had the best burger?”

In my opinion, the best Burger in Westchester County is…. Piper’s Kilt!

To see the entire list of participating restaurants: Westchester Magazine List

Miss America Homecoming

This past Saturday, March 16th, the Miss America Homecoming celebration of the former Miss NY and newly crowned Miss America 2013, Mallory Hagan, was held at the Fashion Institute of Technology.  The evening was filled with performances by Broadway stars, Miss America Runner ups, former Miss NYs, and past Miss Americas.

Rows of crowns, gowns, and glitz filled the theater. Sure, what I wore was underwhelming, but boy oh boy, compared to 6-inch heels, my flats were a win. We were all there to support the woman of the year, Mallory Hagan. Pride for our new Miss America showed in slideshows, speeches, performances, and multiple standing ovations. At this point, Mallory had already traveled around New York fulfilling her title’s duties. Like the true Queen that she is, Mallory shined brightly the whole night and never let any sign of exhaustion show.

Attendees received the ‘royal treatment’ at the After-Party. Delicious sugar filled treats, pastries, and beverages were available for consumption. I was interested to see how many Queens would actually eat and drink. Being that I was off my diet that particular day, I took advantage of the opportunity to eat whatever I wanted and I loved it.

All together, it was a beautiful night. To follow more on what Miss America is doing, check out her blog: http://blog.missamerica.org/


**Side Note to My Readers**

I was told by a beauty queen before that  I’m ‘too rough around the edges’. Recently, someone told me that I am not polished and that my beauty is a different kind that does not conform with pageant standards. If the “standard” box is square, why can’t mine be round? Leave your comments, Loves :)

Miss. Manhattan Pageant

This weekend, the Miss. Manhattan / Liberty NYC / and Southern NY titles were up for grabs. 29 gorgeous young women from all 5 boroughs, Westchester, and Long Island areas competed to win either title. The winners will move on to the Miss. NY America pageant in July 2013.

This is a particularly important event because I was one of the competitors. I’ve been training my body and mind for three months preparing for the show.  A strict diet and workout routine ensured that my body would be in tiptop shape.  By the time the competition came around, I had lost 23 lbs and felt amazing.  To qualify, each girl had to submit numerous forms, establish a platform, and raise a minimum of $100 for the Children’s Miracle Network, a non-profit that the Miss NY Organization is highly involved with.

In the days leading up to the competition, I was on Phase One of The South Beach Diet: a no salt, no sugar, no starch, and no carbohydrates.  The amount of self-discipline and sacrifice it takes to be a Pageant Queen is remarkable. One manicure, one pedicure, a Brazilian Wax, a dark spray tan, and a very pricey hair appointment later, I was ready to compete.

Needless to say, I was “Miss Cranky-Pants” the day of the competition. All participants had to be at the Westside YMCA at Lincoln Center at 7am, which meant I had to wake up at 4am. For anyone who knows me, knows I become very irritable when woken up before noon.  Hours of running through talents and steps for the show left me beat and craving the sugary treats I have been neglecting to give myself for months.

At last, it was ShowTime.  I was pumped, nervous, and so ready for the show to end so I could devour a large plate of unhealthy food, drink, and feel ten notches above ‘merry’.  This was the day I had been dreaming about, the event that has been in my thoughts 24/7, and it was happening. Unreal. Each girl got on that stage and rocked out – as RuPaul would say, “Panther on the runway”.

Dancers, Singers, Pianists, and one Violinist got up on stage to perform a 90 second routine. I have the God given talent to draw caricatures and do it very quickly.  However, I never considered that an acceptable talent to perform for this competition.  I had been taking acting classes from my good friend, Cece Scott-Cooper, who is an accomplished actress and singer.  We had transformed the “Oogie Boogie Song” from Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas into a 90 second Dramatic Monologue to use as my talent. At the conclusion of my performance the audience was amused, pleasantly surprised, and shocked that someone would act in such a dark piece at a Pageant.

All contestants fought the good fight, but there could only be three winners. Congratulations to Amanda Mason, Nora Ali, Madison Embrey … kick some beautiful ass at the state pageant!

Very Important Side Note:

Miss America is a Scholarship Competition awarding top title to the woman who possesses the most Miss America-esque qualities: leadership, selflessness, compassion, scholastic integrity, fitness, poise, courage, and confidence. These qualities are what make her beautiful both inside and out. I encourage young women to get involved with this organization; you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

New York Wine Expo 2013

The New York Wine Expo was held March 1-3rd at the Jacob Javits Convention Center.  I had the pleasure of reporting at the event yesterday. Arriving there on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, my Co-Writer, Christine Labate, and I walked in ready to be what everyone else was, Professionals ‘Letting Loose’.

My world wide tour of delectable beverages began with not wine, but food. Maille, displayed an exhibit of extremely sexy mustards. Don’t think mustard can be sexy? Well, think again and see where Maille takes you. Next was Chocolate Springs Café, a business located in Lenox, MA. Chocolatier Creator, Joshua Needleman, was proudly bragging all about his chocolate creations and gave me samples to take home. How do you describe your nuts? Well, I’ll tell you how Q’s Nuts does, “sweet, savory and exotic”… oh boy! Created in 2000, Q’s Nuts was founded with the philosophy that all natural ingredients, a love of good food and a passion for what is produced could create the best tasting nut roasts around. I completely agree, and once again, I received nut samples to take home with me. Now, the Olive Oil… so much olive oil! There are two companies that I want to speak about. First, Oleificio Dell’Orto, is a company began by a man who did research on his genealogy.  Upon finding out that his family owned land with olive trees, he learned that generations have produced and made a living on making olive oil from these trees. Following along with tradition, Dennis and his wife Margaret Lurgio, started this company with a pride of family and olive oil.  Lastly, Gourmet Cooking & Living was there hardcore with samples and a great presentation. Not to mention, they are all about the “Italian Olive Oil of The Month Club”, I may not be a member of the club but they did give me generous samples – Thanks.  Other notable mentions are Fianco a Fianco, Chabaso Bakery, Tasty Tuscany, and Garlic Expressions.

This time around, I was being an expert Wine-O; I saw, sniffed, sipped, and spit. Do you know how much of a shame it was to spit? Especially for the delicious wines that I just wanted to drink, and drink… and drink!  Standing beside the French exhibitors, Ron Bartels, was giving tastes of his wine.  Ron was nice enough to pose with me for pictures; I believe he was as happy I was to do so. If you want to have wine tastings for your private/corporate events, call Ron Bartels – he’s the man.  Giving tastings of South African Wine, Ross Toombs, CEO of Meridian Prime Inc. gave me a taste of Cabernet that was so good I almost swallowed it.  Notable Winery mentions: Cape Classics, Blue Crane Imports, Wine World Wide, Inc., and Casa de Vinos.  Cheers to another successful year at the New York Wine Expo!

It’s been awhile, but What Now, Deb is back in action. Are you ready, NYC?

Pamela Quinzi: New York Fashion Week

On Wednesday, September 12th, Pamela Quinzi showed off her Spring/Summer 2013 dress collection at Parlor NY.  At the venue, special Kilame Cocktails were being sold for $16.00 a drink, HENNEBERG JEWELRY COLLECTIONS were selling one-of-a-kind designs, and Celebrity International Speaker, Karen Hoyos, was hyping up the crowd that awaited Pamela’s big NYFW runway debut. At 9:30 the Fashion Show began. One by one the models trotted down the narrow walkway barely stopping to allow ideal photographic shots. The collection consisted of girly cocktail dresses and some that would be perfect for Junior Proms. But then again, I wouldn’t mind wearing a Kilame dress at an event, it’s glamorous enough to hold it’s own amongst other NYC designer gowns.

While I give Ms. Quinzi a high fashion score (whatever that may mean) for her collection, her audience failed miserably. I picked out approximately five attendees that were dressed fabulously, a dozen that were ‘acceptable’, and the rest were disgustingly under dressed. To come to a New York Fashion Week event wearing “work” clothes, clearly discount store dresses, mismatched shoes, vintage boots (with a modern/chic dress), uncombed hair, unfitted clothing… I almost wanted to cry—I was embarrassed to be part of such a lazy looking audience.  If anyone is looking to attend a NY Fashion event be sure to shower, give yourself a nice blowout, apply makeup, accessorize, and take time to pick out proper attire. Designers put their heart and soul into putting a collection together; the least audience members can do is take a few minutes to look presentable.

Fashion’s Night Out

Thursday, September 6th was Fashion’s Night Out and you better believe that New Yorkers were out strutting their stuff fabulously.

Upon walking into the Roger Smith Hotel, I see the incredible Pamela Quinzi who was there showing off and selling pieces from her Kilame collection.

Luscious Wines was giving out tastes of their Moscato and Pinot Noir. If you are looking for a sweet and girly drink, this is the wine to turn to.

Eye of Ja L.L.C displayed avant-garde jewelry which is inspired by ancient culture and the post-modern day woman.

William Ferro from Desert Rose Massage and Spa gave complimentary massages. Now that I think about it, I still need to make an appointment – that massage was incredible.

With luxurious body butters, bath salts, body washes, and scrubs, Venus had attendees experience their “pure ecstasy”.

The event was packed with a fashion overload… well-done Hampton Daze Magazine.



Triple Dare: Stunning High Fashion

Last night, I attended, Triple Dare: Stunning High Fashion. This event was held at Copacabana, a lounge and event space located in Times Square.

Along with being beautifully lit and decorated, the space was packed. What gave this event that extra dash of awesomeness was the food. The chicken was moist, pasta was al dente, chips were not salty, and the salad was crisp and refreshing… Oh Delicious! Not to mention, those bartenders were right on with the drinks. They were attractive, attentive, and made very strong cocktails.

Three fabulous designers walked their creations down the runway.  Yoonhee Joe and Dahn Duangkamol presented, Yoonheek & Dhan, Ola Hawatmeh showed off her beautiful couture gowns, Ola Style, and Bertha Alicia Astor styled her models in classic couture, Obradoiro De Moda. All were completely unique and equally fabulous.  Credit to Pamela Quinzi for making a celebrity appearance and strutting her stuff down the runway. Talent and beauty—Miss. Quinzi has it all.

Rocking it out all night amongst beautiful New Yorkers was a win.  I look forward to the next NYC Fashion Runway event and expect to see all you What Now, Deb readers there as well.


Keep it Sexy NYC ;)

Sky Dream Parties

On Friday, I attended the launch of Sky Dream Parties hosted by Mason Hunt and Margarita.  Hosted at Marbella Restaurant, the event was packed with painted servers and beautiful attendees.

It was all you can drink all night. 1800 Tequila served their NEW Coconut flavor, which went do very smoothly. The music was right on and nobody wasted a minute to dance.  There was world-class belly dancer that performed and invited audience members to participate. A card table in the corner of the room is where I spent the majority of my night. Deb is my name and I won that Black Jack game.

The night went on without a dull moment. The next time one of these Sky Dream Parties happens, I expect you to be there.

NY Spotlight on Success

On Tuesday, Diana Navarro and Joe Corbalis hosted their monthly, NY Spotlight on Success event. This broadcast and networking session, which was held at Stir, brought together professionals from all parts of the entertainment industry.

This month’s guests were S.Lee Wright and Hayley McCulloch. S.Lee Wright is an interior designer and an aromatherapy and reflexology enthusiast. Ms. Wright’s work reflects Feng Shui in all aspects of the word. Hayley McCulloch, an Artist has recently published her first book, “Handbook for the Disenchanted”. Both ladies gave an entertaining and enlightening interview.

The vibe in this cozy venue was laidback. Comedian, Matty Poslusny, made everyone around him laugh (well, we would hope so). I also spent time speaking to David Coelle, NY Thrill Seekers Promoter. David was telling me about all the crazy and “thrilling” things him and participants have done. It does sound intriguing… but I prefer to keep my feet on the ground.

Stay tuned for more on NY Spotlight on Success with Diana Navarro and Joe Corbalis!